HiBob Integration Instructions

Who can generate an API key through HiBob?

A Bob system administrator or an employee with admin access to Bob.

What is an API key and how do you generate an API key through HiBob?

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows two distinct software systems to communicate with each other. 

Programmers use APIs to send data to, or request data from, external systems. They also enable one system to access and use the capabilities of another system without knowing how that system works or needing to integrate those capabilities into itself.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of the window to pull up a settings menu. Click “API Access”
  2. Click “EDIT SCOPES” and ensure all available boxes are checked. Click “SAVE SCOPES” then press “Copy Token” at the top of the window. 
  3. How should the API key be delivered to Knoetic?

Send us the API key (this should be a long sequence of letters and numbers) using our secure data drop service: Secure Key Drop

It’s required that you use this secure portal (please do not email us the API key).

  • Please also send us your company “domain” in the keydrop data field. Your domain can be found in the URL you use to access HiBob, for example https://[domain].hibob.com.
  • If your domain is not found in the URL, enter your company name with no spaces and all lowercase letters as the domain.
  1. [recommended] Creating custom report with Gender, Nationality, Birth date (and any other fields you’d like to integrate onto Knoetic)

By default, the HiBob API does not allow access for Knoetic to pull Gender, Nationality and Age data. To include this data in Knoetic, a custom report will need to be created directly in Bob:

  1. Navigate to the “People” or “Reports” page in Bob. 
  2. Use the column picker at the top of the window to select the fields you would like to include in the custom report.
    1. Always include employee name and HRIS ID.  Gender, Nationality, and Birthdate are recommended.
  3. Save the report by clicking on the “Save” icon.
  4. Copy the “Report ID” which can be found within the Browser URL when viewing the report.
  5. Send the report ID to Knoetic using the secure keydrop.
    1. This can either be submitted alongside the API key (Step III above) or as a separate entry on the keydrop page.  In either method, please indicate in the “Data” box of the form the details of the report the “Report ID” corresponds to. 

Visual guide to report creation:

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