Sapling Integration Instructions

To complete this process, you must have Super Admin access to Sapling.

  1. Log in to Sapling.
  2. Using the menu bar on the left side of the screen, click Integrations.

  1. Click API Keys.

  1. Click Create New Key.

  1. A unique API key will then be created for you. Copy the API key (or click on the COPY button). Add a name for this key (this is for your own records). Then click Save.

  1. Following Sapling's instructions for creating a new user, create a new Sapling admin
    1. Use integrations+[your company name] as a contact email
  2. Open Knoetic’s secure key drop page:
    1. Paste your Sapling URL ( and API key into the ‘Data’ section of Knoetic’s secure key drop page and fill out all relevant information. Click ‘Submit Securely’ when done.

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