Paylocity Integration Instructions

Let's set up your access permissions to integrate Paylocity with Knoetic!

Paylocity provides its users with an API key that supports basic data operations.

To get your integration setup, we will require the following:

  • Setting up Admin Account access for Knoetic
  • Your unique client id
  • Client secret (your rep will know what this is!)
  • Paylocity public key

Step 1 - Contact the Paylocity Team

  1. Email to request access. You may use the following template:
Hi Paylocity Team,

We’re working on a People analytics project which requires analyzing data in Paylocity. We would like to request access to our Paylocity API key to retrieve company data.

Could you please share the following?

- Our unique client ID
- Client secret
- Paylocity public key

Please also create an admin account with "Company Administration - View Only" access with the following details:

Name: Knoetic Admin

Thank you for your assistance!

Step 2 - Setting up Admin Account access for Knoetic

  1. If the Paylocity team has created an admin account with "Company Administrator - View Only" access for your team, you should be all set!
    If not, please refer to the Paylocity support doc called “Add a Non-Employee User to HR & Payroll” and create an account using the following details:
    1. Account Name: Knoetic Admin
    2. Account Email:

Step 3 - Setting up API access

  1. From your outreach (Step 1!), Paylocity team will send you two forms to complete:
    1. Paylocity Automated Data Exchange/ Application Programming Interface
    2. Paylocity Web Services Open API Access – Client Request Form
  2. For the "Paylocity Automated Data Exchange/ Application Programming Interface", complete the form and include the following under Vendor Information:
    1. Contact Name: Melanie Albert
    2. Contact Email:
    3. Effective Date: (Date form completed)
    4. Contact Phone: 301-452-9122
  3. Please send the "Client Request Form" to We'll complete it and send it back to you!
  4. When ready, send both completed forms to the Paylocity team (
  5. Our team will receive an email from Paylocity with API access details

That's it—our team will keep you updated on progress from our side!

Questions? Email to reach our team!

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