Rippling Integration Instructions

The following steps are will allow us to set up your integration between Rippling and Knoetic.

There are two ways to build our Rippling integration to support our clients. Both will have the same outcome:

  • Report-based integration based on Admin access for Knoetic and does not require an API key. This is required for all Rippling integrations.
    • For report-based integrations, you will only need to complete Step 1.
  • API integration which builds upon our Admin access through an API key. This is optional depending on if your team has the ability to create API keys in Rippling.
    • For API integrations, you must complete both Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: Create a full access admin account for Knoetic

  1. Using the menu bar, navigate to Company Settings and click "Add an Administrator"
    If you do not see this button, contact your Rippling representative and request an Admin Account to be created for our team with the following details:
  2. Use the following details to create an Adminstrator account:
    1. Name: Knoetic Admin
    2. Email: (e.g.
    3. For Select admin type, select "Full administrator; Full system access but cannot add other administrators"
  1. The account will need the ability to create reports as well as access to the following report templates:
    1. Point-in-time Report
    2. Changes Report
  2. Our team will confirm that we've received access and follow up if we are missing any data points.

Step 2: Create an API key (if applicable)

  1. Open Knoetic’s secure key drop pageyou'll need this later!
  2. Log into Rippling
  3. Using the menu bar, navigate to Company Settings
  4. Navigate to API Access
  5. Click "Create an API key" and choose "Select All" all four permission tiles
  6. Click "Save"
  7. If prompted, add Knoetic as an External Admin for Rippling.
    1. Use integrations+[your company name] as a contact email
      For example:
  8. You'll be provided with an API key. Complete all fields within the secure key drop page. For the Systems section:
    1. Select "Other" as an HRIS system
    2. Paste your API key (from Step #5)
    3. Paste any additional Admin account information
  9. Click ‘Submit Securely’ when done.

Appendix: Privacy and Data Requirements

Knoetic requires only basic information about employees: staffing details, positions, compensations, and organization information.

Knoetic explicitly does not require personal information about employees such as:

  • Social security numbers
  • Emergency contact information
  • Credit card or bank account numbers

We instruct our clients not to grant access to these fields, and internally our data integration processes strip highly sensitive employee attributes before they ever hit our servers. 

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