TriNet Integration Instructions

The following instructions are designed for our integration and data sync with your TriNet account.

Step-By-Step Instructions

To complete the following steps, you may require Admin level access to your TriNet account.

Note: It will take about a week from when the intake form is created to when your API key will be generated.

  1. Complete the TriNet Solution Engineering Intake Form
    1. Select I am a: “TriNet Customer”, then click “Next”
    2. Enter your Customer and Contact information, then click “Next”
    3. Select “Third-Party Pre-Built Integration”, then click “Next”
    4. Select “Business Planning”
    5. Select “Knoetic”
    6. Select “New Setup”, then click “Next”
    7. Enter information for Officer authorized to sign addendum for API access, then click “Submit”
  2. Create a TriNet Developer account and team. This step can be skipped if a developer account and team has already been created for your company within the TriNet Developer site. 
    1. Create Developer Account. An account must be requested for each individual who will need access to the API credentials
      1. Sign up for a developer account
      2. Complete email verification
      3. Wait for email confirmation of account activation before attempting to sign in (each developer account must be approved by TriNet Solution Engineering before you can sign in. Accounts are typically approved within one to two business days.)
    2. Create Developer Team. Team allows you to directly manage which internal colleagues have access to the API credentials. Members can be added or deleted by the team owner, but each developer must have a developer account with TriNet to access the team. 
      1. TriNet will provide instructions on creating the developer team via email once your developer account has been approved.
  3. TriNet Solution Engineering will submit an internal addendum request and notify you via email this has been submitted.
  4. Addendum must be signed by an officer of the company. The signatory will receive a DocuSign request once the addendum is generated. 
  5. Solution Engineering will assign the production API keys to the developer team, and send a verification email.
  6. Access API credentials to be used within Knoetic.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Select “Teams” from drop down in upper right-hand corner of screen
    3. Click on dated row in “Apps” section
    4. Match first four of “Key” to email from TriNet Solution Engineering
    5. Update “App Name” to “Knoetic”
    6. Copy “Key”, “Secret” and “Company Id” to be used in Knoetic Connector
    7. Click "Save"
  7. 7.  Please submit the API “Key”, “Secret” and “Company Id” to us through our secure keydrop.

If you have any questions, email to reach us!

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