Historical Trend Analytics

This feature is now available for many of our BambooHR + Greenhouse clients!

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With Historical Trends, you can explore insights over time or on specific dates to understand how your team has grown and evolved. This is available across our Explorer, Attrition, DEI, and Employee List analytics reporting.

  • View Headcount Growth Over Time
  • View Historical Trends Across Segments
  • View Insights for "Today" or Specific Dates
  • Granular Time-Based Values (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year)
  • Create Time-Based Employee Lists

View Headcount Growth Over Time

With Explorer Analytics, you can visualize how your workforce has grown, reduced or remained the same over any historical period.

For instance, let's say you want to see how your workforce has grown over the last year. Select "This Year" as your Time Period and set your X-axis to the variable across which you'd like to see growth. In this case, we chose "Month".

Using Filters & Data Groups, you can segment your view to see another dimension of insights. For instance, the example below shows this year's headcount growth by department.

View Insights for "Today" or a Specific Date

Create a report that lives on as your "Today" view, which will preset to the present day. This is a great feature for understanding your workforce in its current shape.

Simply choose "On > Today" as your Time Period value and click "Apply.

View a report at any specific date in time. Simply choose "On > Custom" and select any past date from our date selection tool.

An example of this could be a report of your current department counts, broken down by Gender.

Granular Time-Based X-Axis Values

Select an x-axis value for your Explorer or Attrition reports from our options: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year to get as specific as you need to in your report.

For Attrition reports, you'll see your stats broken down by your x-axis value, which means you'll have the calculations you need, regardless of how specific your report is.

Create Time-Based Employee Lists

With Employee Lists, pull a list of Active employees on any specific date. Apply filters or manage your columns, as needed!

Or pull a list of Terminated employees within a specific date range. Apply filters or manage your columns, as needed!

Questions or feedback? Let us know! If you'd like to opt-in to be an early beta tester, email success@knoetic.com.

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