Saved Reports + Best Practices

Looking at the same report time and time again? Save it for next time!

Saving reports allows you and your team to quickly access them again in the future. You can even share any saved report with any member of your company.

You can save a report from the following reporting features:

  • Employee lists
  • Explorer (or active workforce) analytics
  • Attrition analytics
  • DEI analytics
  • Compensation analytics

Creating templates with Saved Reports

If you'd like to create a shareable template with your team, you can leverage Saved Reports. These will be widely accessible to fellow Full Access users to view, recreate, and work on top of.

Template best practices
  • Make it clear that a saved report is a template using titles or emojis
    • You can edit a report title in the report itself; just click "Save Report"
    • Here's how it will look to other Full Access users in your Saved Reports folder
  • Ensure your team knows how to use templates; for instance, always saving the report as new in order to not overwrite the original

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