ADP Integration Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for connecting ADP to Knoetic.

Step 1 [~5min]: Request an SOW from ADP via your ADP rep or Service Request. You should CC our engineering point of contact, Nat ( on all emails with ADP

ADP's team typically takes 3-4 weeks to complete Step 1. While we wait for ADP to set up the automated process, we will manually refresh your data in Knoetic every Monday (see Steps 2 and 3).

Step 2 [~15 min]: While we wait for ADP to create the automated report process, we suggest clients give Knoetic view-only access to your ADP account. This way we can manually update your data in Knoetic on a weekly basis and you can start using Knoetic.

Step 3 [~20 min]: Knoetic will create the 3 custom reports and we'll update this data in Knoetic every Monday while we wait for the ADP team to finalize the integration.

  • If curious, you can find the details on the data needed for the 3 reports here.
    • If you'd like to build these yourself, please upload all 3 every Friday EOD here.

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