ADP Integration Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for existing Knoetic clients.

The following document will guide you through the integration setup process for existing ADP users. But first—a quick note:

We've been working behind the scenes to enhance our integrations across all HR systems. Part of that effort is to rebuild first-class integrations with HRIS vendors, like ADP.

With our new integrations, you'll benefit from shorter implementation times, additional product features, and improved troubleshooting for connectivity issues. Most importantly, this new integration ensures that data is updated regularly and allows you to clearly identify what data we have and don't have access to.

Our new ADP integration will be part of the ADP Marketplace. Existing Knoetic clients will be migrated over through this new connection. This new integration will not change the type of data we receive from ADP. As you'll notice on our ADP Marketplace listing, our access will be limited to read-only (non-editing) worker-related data.

ADP Connector Fee

To integrate Knoetic through the ADP Connector, ADP requires a $1000 annual fee.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Our integration for existing ADP users will consist of setting up your ADP account & connecting it through the ADP Marketplace Connector.

  1. Log in to Knoetic and navigate to the Integrations Page
  2. Select the ADP listing and then "Connect Vendor"
  3. Once on ADP's website, click "Buy Now", which will take you through the purchase process
  4. If a discount code was provided, enter it in and click "Apply"
  5. Under “Company Domain”, enter your current valid company domain. This will be provided to you by our team.
    1. If valid, click "Continue" to complete the purchase steps
    2. If invalid, you will not be able to proceed until the value is corrected and validated
  6. Agree to Terms of Service & confirm your order to complete purchase
    1. If a code was provided, please ensure that this has been applied
  7. Once the order is completed, click "Manage Consent" to view all partner applications that were purchased and approve data access for Knoetic
    1. Click the blue "Manage" button for the Knoetic row and approve access
  8. Go back to the Knoetic integrations page and select the ADP listing and "Connect Vendor"
    1. The page should switch to ADP, then back to Knoetic and the "Connect Vendor" option should now read "Disable Integration"
  9. Email to confirm that these steps were completed successfully
  10. Our team will be in touch when your data is flowing over in your Knoetic instance.

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