Performance Analytics

Keep a pulse on team performance and retain top talent.

Identify top talent, find trends across teams or managers, and compare performance with other source data, like Recruiting or Attrition.

Performance Analytics Overview

We support integrations with Lattice and Reflektive to bring you:

  • A consistent stream of performance review data displayed on the employee profile
  • The ability to pull in any rating field to layer across your reports

If you haven't integrated your performance system yet, follow our integration instructions for either Lattice or Reflektive.

Ratings, Scores & Comments (Employee Profile)

If your Lattice or Reflektive account has been integrated, you will automatically see a stream of performance review data on the Employee Timeline.

We pull in Downward, Peer, Self, Upward, and Scored Attribute fields. Click the toggle to review the notes, scores & comments (if applicable) for any performance review type for that cycle.

Building Reports with Performance Data

You can create a field for any review cycle in your Lattice or Reflektive account in a few simple steps. These fields can be applied to any Explorer, Attrition, Compensation, or Employee List report.

Step 1: Creating Performance Fields

This process allows for control around what fields and questions you'd like to include in your analytics reports—because there can be a ton!

  1. Log into Knoetic and go to your Filter Settings
  2. Click "Add Filter"
  3. Under External System Field, search for and select "Performance"
  4. Next, define your filter settings
    1. Name the data set—this title will be reflected across the platform
    2. Select your desired Review Cycle
    3. Select your desired Review Type from the above cycle
    4. Select your desired Question from the above review type
  5. Review the preview provided to the right of the inputted values
  6. If all looks good, click "Add Filter"
  7. Follow steps 1-6 again to add any and all fields you'd like!

Step 2: Building a Report with Performance Data

These fields will be available as filters, list columns, or chart values for any Explorer, Attrition, Compensation, or Employee List report.

For any Explorer, Attrition, or Compensation report, apply your newly added Performance field as a filter, Y-axis value, or data group.

For an Employee List, apply your newly added Performance field as a filter or column in your report.

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