How to Use the Knoetic Overview Dashboard

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you:

You’re called on in a meeting for a department's current headcount. You panic—how will you find that data in the next few seconds? 🖐️

Meet your Overview Dashboard—a hub for your top insights, and your new best friend.

This is the first place you’ll land when you log into Knoetic. Referred to as many users “security blanket”, it’s designed to provide quick, high-level insights to help you keep a pulse on & share insights into your organization.

Your Workforce tile is your People summary at-a-glance. View your headcount today, during a different time period, or segmented by any filters (e.g. department). Plus, enjoy our nifty tooltips to quickly see Average Tenure and Average Age across the business. The “Go Deeper” button will take you to our Explorer (or Workforce) Analytics.

For instance, the below examples compare (left) a view of your overall company headcount today vs. (right) a view of your Engineering team headcount at the end of 2022 Q1.

Your Attrition tile helps you understand why employees are leaving your company. It consists of an overview of termination reasons as well as stats, like Annualized Attrition. You can also filter this down by any field value. Select your date range and seamlessly view key stats such as annualized attrition, or how many terminations occurred in that time. The “Go Deeper” button will take you to our Attrition Analytics.

Your Tenure tile helps you understand how long employees are staying with your company. Easily view tenure for all employees, a filtered subset, or simply explore our two tooltips. Click “Go Deeper” to access Explorer Analytics to dive further into your data.

Your Recruiting tile pulls data from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to provide a brief snapshot of your candidate pipeline and high level metrics.

Your Org Structure tile provides insights related to your organization structure. Our highlighted metrics provide deeper insights into span of control. Click the “Go Deeper” button to access your Org Chart—and be sure to review the Org Chart Summary Stats!

Your Future Headcount tile shows your expected and forecasted growth. Pending Starts and Pending Terms are based solely on your current HRIS data. Project Starts and Projected Terms are based on Knoetic calculations across your historic hiring and attrition trends. Adjusting the timeframe options (drop-downs) to recalibrate your estimates. 

Your Base Salary Cost tile looks at your total fixed comp across your organization. Filter your selection or change the breakdown view with the top two filters. The “Go Deeper” button will take you to our Compensation Analytics.

Your Compensation tile is a quick snapshot of your fixed compensation distribution across the company, allowing you to identify your min, median and max salaries overall, or based on your selected filters. The “Go Deeper” button will take you to our Compensation Analytics.

Your Engagement tile tracks the four top engagement metrics that you’ve provided for us. It also gives you progress updates across your cycles.

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