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We believe many of the challenges CPOs face - designing a compensation philosophy, transitioning to a remote-first model, developing job architectures - can leverage the knowledge of the thousands of CPOs who have faced these challenges before.

As a Chief People Officer, magic happens when you overlay your own creativity and context on top of best practices that already exist.

That’s why our CPOHQ team spent 100+ hours finding the best people/HR resources in the entire world.

We’ve picked 18 of them - the “best of the best” and featured them all here. Enjoy - and if you find this valuable, feel free to forward to a fellow Chief People Officer.


Knoetic's Top Picks

  • BetterWiki : A curated directory of company documents, BetterWiki has examples for career ladders, employee handbooks, employee onboarding guides, and more.
  • Almanac’s People Ops, Recruiting, and Remote templates: The best place to find open-source documents and templates with thousands of resources from top executives, all easily customizable for your own team needs.
  • Google re:Work: Google’s own guides for improving people processes from start to end
  • Atlassian Team Playbook: Series of step-by-step self-guided workshops called “Plays” that can be used to help strengthen your teams and create empathetic transparency
  • Homebrew Guides: Informative guides for people leaders, especially those in startups and smaller companies

For Management Advice

LifeLabs Learning Workshops and Guides: LifeLabs offers free and paid remote people ops workshops with 95% participant satisfaction; here are some other relevant guides they’ve compiled as well:

First Round Review’s Management Section : Stories and advice from hundreds of top CEOs and founders on how to make tough management decisions and improve your everyday skills.

For Remote Work

GitLab: Remote-work Resources: All of GitLab’s own guides and resources to working remotely

Zapier’s Guide to Working Remotely: Sharing the process they use to manage 300 remote employees from start to finish; here are a few especially relevant pages:


Firstmark Resources for Education on Racial Justice: Comprehensive open-source document for improving DEI efforts, educating yourself, and tangible ways to take action

Paradigm’s Inclusion Insights: Valuable insights from case studies, webinars, and Paradigm’s own research, currently centered on how to foster inclusion while remote

For Recruiting

Recruiting Brainfood: Beyond his weekly newsletter filled with helpful recruiting tips and tricks, Huang Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood also offers its own resource lists, including a list of online recruiter communities, HR podcasts, and job posting sites.

For People Research

HBR’s Organizational Culture and HRM Sections: Data-driven articles constantly introducing new, innovative HR strategies; some great ones we’ve found recently:

Deloitte Human Capital Insights: Deloitte professionals leveraging research, analytics, and industry insights to offer new improvements to people performance

Other Great Resource Guides

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