Knoetic Curations: Racial Justice and Inequality

For the past few months, we've been sharing content to help you and your teams navigate tectonic changes in how we work. COVID emerged suddenly and rippled through our workplaces, communities and economy. It was an exogenous event that turned our world upside down, seemingly overnight.

But the events of the past few weeks remind us that the greatest challenge we face as a society didn't emerge overnight. Racial inequality has persisted for years, decades, and generations. This injustice has shaped all of us. It is embedded in every part of our society.

And in contrast to our swift COVID response, we have long-tolerated a status quo that is intolerable.

But it feels like the tide might be turning, and we need to fuel that change. This week, I wanted to share a few resources that I have found useful for meas a CEO and as a human beingin confronting issues of racial injustice and inequality.

We've also highlighted organizations we've vetted and personally donated to – and welcome any further recommendations.

To begin, I'd recommend reading through Firstmark's excellent set of resources on racial justice:

Firstmark's Resources for Education on Racial Justice

1. How to discuss race and politics

There is a national—and global—conversation happening about racism, the responsibility of government, and social and economic injustice. It’s no longer viable to ignore these issues, or pretend they don't impact our work:

2. Anti-racism

It's incumbent on all of us to be actively anti-racist, and take steps in our own personal and professional lives to embody those values. Here's where to start:

3. For parents & kids

One of the most challenging—but most important—conversations we can engage in is a discussion of race and racism with our kids. This is a confusing time, but it's important not to shy away from this discussion.

4. Workshops and Programs

A debate continues to rage about the effectiveness of implicit/unconscious bias trainings. Here are a few helpful reads on the topic.

5. Act and Give

It should be profoundly clear to all of us at this point that something must change. There is no silver bullet. But change starts with each and every one of us, and that means taking action beyond our words.

I'd encourage everyone to get involved in any way they can. I'll personally share a few organizations that I have found to be doing good work:

As business leaders, we all have an obligation—and an opportunity—to effect positive change. I hope the Knoetic community can continue to serve as a resource as we embark on this mission.

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