Knoetic Curated Collection: Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Rundown of top resources to help you navigate a challenging time in your company.

As the COVID crisis stretches into Month 3, our hopes that this would be a short, temporary interruption have eroded. Instead, all of us are grappling with the uncertainty of not knowing when things will return to normal - or what the “new normal” will even look like.

That’s why the focus of our curated collection this week is on Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being.

We’ve put together a short rundown of some of the top resources to help you navigate these issues.

1. Start at the top: CEOs & CPOs

When people feel more isolated than ever, they need honest, open, and transparent communication from leadership. An HBS survey found that 90% of employees wanted at least weekly communications from their company leadership. Here are a few great examples of honest leadership that have inspired us:

Dipti Salopek, VP of People @ Snyk

Roli Saxena, CCO @ Brex

When it comes to layoffs, we’ve seen some particularly strong examples of impassioned, transparent, and honest communications from the CEOs of both Airbnb and Carta. These are must-reads - even if you aren't in the middle of RIFs.

Brian Chesky, CEO @ Airbnb

Henry Ward, CEO @ Carta

2. Empower managers with great toolkits

There’s strong evidence to suggest that employees look to their managers for cues on how they should react to crises. Because your managers are going to be on the frontlines of providing support, they need to be equipped to do that job well. Here are some amazing resources to share with your leaders:

3. Run a pulse survey

Now is the most important time to be running regular pulse checks for your people. You should be seeking to get real-time feedback on your overall COVID response, and provide a forum for open feedback. Here are a few good starting points:

Have other ideas for how best to run these surveys? Join the active conversation in the Hub:

4. Share resources and tools

People who say their company has proactively shared how to access mental health resources are 60% more likely to say that their company cares about their wellbeing. Here are the 3 most recommended resources from Knoetic's CPO Network:

Ultimately, the best advice is the simplest: be human.

While there’s no playbook for that, your people will feel an authentic response.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself. Let yourself have an off day, and make sure your team knows they can have one too.

Much love,Joseph & the Knoetic CPO Hub team

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