Knoetic Curated Collections: Remote Work

Almost overnight, remote work became the only way to work. And it’s become clear this isn’t a just a fad this time - it’s a permanent paradigm shift, with huge announcements from Facebook, Twitter, and Square.

I know you’ve already seen hundreds of guides on remote work. But Knoetic's job is helping you find the best of the best...the 10 best guides you need to have, so you can ignore everything else.

Here’s our curated collection on remote work. We have 3 guides for you as a leader, 2 reads for you to maximize your personal productivity, and 5 "deep dives" if you really want to become an expert.

1. For Leaders & Managers:

First Round: Struggling to Thrive as a Large Team Working Remotely?

This Exec Has the Field Guide You Need

Zapier CEO Wade Foster: How to build culture in a remote team

​Zapier CEO Wade Foster

Lighthouse’s 11 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

(Tip: skip the fluff at the top, and begin at the section that starts with, "Make time for small talk.")

​2. Read these to maximize your personal productivity:

GitLab: Remote work starter guide for employees: how to adjust to work-from-home

Zapier: The remote work survival guide

​3. To get deep:

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