Engagement analytics

To help you stay on top of your most important engagement metrics, Knoetic will allow you to view your current scores and see how they've progressed since the last period.

All we need to import your engagement data is a CSV of your overall scores for a given period. If you use CultureAmp, SurveyMonkey, Peakon, or another system, simply export your data and send it to us.

To import your recent engagement data into Knoetic, follow these instructions.

Engagement Tile

Your engagement data will be highlighted in the Engagement tile on your dashboard. We'll work with you to highlight the top four metric your team should be watching.

As you add new survey scores, we'll show you your progress since the last period. performance review that is imported for an employee will be listed on their Employee Profile.

Questions? Email success@knoetic.com to reach out team!

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