Chief Executive Officer

CEOs need a clear way to visualize who's joining, how they're doing, and who's leaving.

And Knoetic can help with all of these!

How CEOs leverage Knoetic

Get a birds-eye-view or dig deeper into what makes up your powerhouse team. Here's what most CEOs want to see:

  1. Key insights at-a-glance. Our Dashboard is designed to highlight key insights for the companny. It's the perfect high-level view for any business leader.
  2. Deeper insights when you need them. In a few clicks, do your own analysis into your current workforce, attrition, compensation, or DEI breakdown.
    Answer questions like "What department is having the most turnover, and why?" or "What teams have the most top performers?" or even "What's the diversity breakdown for our new hires?"
  3. Who makes up our team? Our nifty Org Chart updates in real-time with your HRIS connection. You can view teams at large or drill down into specific departments.
  4. Be a part of the People conversations. Unearth important topics for discussion with your People Leader in minutes—without your or your Chief of Staff spending hours combing through spreadsheets. It's all in one place!

Want to learn how other CEOs are leveraging Knoetic? Email to reach your CSM who can share all the tips we've learned.

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